This year we will be counting tardies in the class sessions. The following is how we will mark on the attendance charts:

  • Check mark for all students arriving in the classroom before the 5 minute mark.
  • Marked TARDY (T) if child arrives between 5-15 minutes after class session begins.
  • Marked with ARRIVAL TIME if child arrives after 15 minute mark. If child arrives after the 15 minute mark, assignment will be sent home to review with parent and must be turned in to the Director of Religion Education at the next session.


If a child is absent from class for any reason (i.e. late registration, sickness, family occasion, school or sport interference, etc), then the parent should bring the child to class the next week to the normally assigned class session (We are no longer swapping sessions to make up class.) and follow the following procedure:

  1. Fill out an absence form for the child/children. This form can be found at the front desk to the left as you enter the building.
  2. Take the absence form to the classroom and give to the catechist.
  3. Ask catechist for an assignment that was covered on the week child missed class.
  4. Complete assignment at home with parent guidance.
  5. Return completed assignment to the Director of Religion Education at the front desk. If clarification is needed, the Director of Religion Education will meet with child during class session.
  6. The Director of Religion Education will mark child’s attendance as MAKE UP in the database.