Proper Reception of Holy Communion

It has been observed that after reception of Holy Communion some parishioners walk away without consuming the Body of Christ. This is not acceptable. After receiving the precious body of Jesus Christ, it must be consumed immediately BEFORE walking away. And, it is not permissible for parents to share Holy Communion with their children before their children have made their First Holy Communion. This practice is a great offense against the miraculous precious body of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. We should never forget that the manner in which we receive the Eucharist “ought to convey the respect, solemnity, and joy of this moment when Christ becomes our Guest” (Catechism, no. 1387).

It’s also necessary to approach Christ’s Precious Body and Blood with reverence: “When receiving Holy Communion, the communicant bows his or her head before the Sacrament as a gesture of reverence and receives the Body of the Lord from the minister” (General Instruction of the Roman Missal, no. 160).]

On November 14, 1996, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops approved guidelines on the reception of Communion – please click here to read more information.