Requirements for Reconciliation and Eucharist

The Celebration of the Sacraments provides opportunities for reflection and renewal. Parents are required to take an active role in the faith journey of their child.

Preparation for Reconciliation and 1st Holy Communion is a two (2) year process. Formal instruction usually begins in the 1st Grade and concludes in 2nd Grade. Both Sacraments take place during the 2nd year.

SPONSORS are not required for these Sacraments.

• Nurture the spiritual life of your children, including:
• Attend Mass EVERY Saturday or Sunday and all Holy Days of Obligation.
• Encourage an active family prayer life.
• Participate in ALL the mandatory conferences:
• Two (2) Parent Conferences the second year.
• Encourage open discussion about what your child is learning.
• Read the parent letters and emails, the RE handbook, and review take-home materials.
• Ensure that your child is completing the homework and mastering the required prayers.
• Parents of the second year (2nd) students must attend the Sacramental Parent Class in the second week (2nd) week of each month during the same session that their child attends.

• Must attend Mass EVERY Saturday or Sunday and all Holy Days of Obligation.
• Must attend Religious Education class regularly. There are only three (3) unexcused absences allowed. Failure to attend may result in repeat of the grade or delay in receiving the Sacraments. Three (3) tardies equal one unexcused absence.
• Must attend ALL 3 Reconciliation Retreats.
• Must memorize the following prayers:
• First Year: Sign of the Cross, Grace before meals, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Our Father, Angel of GOD
• Second Year: Act of Contrition, Seven (7) Sacraments, Ten (10) Commandments

Please contact the Religious Education office for more information.